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Saturday’s Bloody Diamonds

Blood Diamonds – The History Channel

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Golden Globe nomination for Blood Diamond–and Russell Simmons’ latest ‘fact-finding’ mission to Africa to learn more about its controversial diamond trade–has Hollywood’s attention grabbed and its focus directed on this longstanding, hotbed issue.

Now, alongside the provocative film directed by Edward Zwick, comes another piece of work that shines the spotlight on the ins and outs of the gem controversy, driven by cycles of politics and greed. Blood Diamonds, airing tonight on The History Channel, explores the history of ‘blood diamonds’–the illicit trade of diamonds, the diamond industry’s response; and it also investigates the possibility of the ‘blood diamond’ issue repeating. The heart and emotion of the story is told by Sierra Leoneans, who vividly recount their individual tragedies.

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Blood Diamonds airs Saturday at 10/9c on The History Channel.

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