Scott Eastwood launching made-in-America clothing line

Scott Eastwood is launching a new underwear initiative for Americans who want to buy briefs and socks made in the U.S.
Made Here will hit stores and online clothing sites later this month (Sep19) and Scott reveals he teamed up with business partner Dane Chapin after discovering that most of the underwear he owned was made outside America.
“Everything I seem to be purchasing or wearing, whether it’s apparel or something from Amazon, everything seems to be manufactured in a different country,” he tells
“I think it’s important to be supporting your fellow neighbour, people that live in this country, have jobs in this country.
“The fact of the matter is, American manufacturing is still alive and well, and we forget that because people go to other countries to make things for much cheaper. Across the nation, there are a ton of manufacturing facilities, across a ton of product lines, and I think it’s important to celebrate that, to celebrate the American worker.”