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Sparks flew as Kate Mara and Jamie Bell kissed a decade before becoming an item

Actress Kate Mara had to wait a decade to get her man after feeling a spark when they kissed at a screen test.
The 34-year-old admits she and British actor Jamie Bell fell in love while promoting their 2015 film flop Fantastic Four, but they had already locked lips years before.
“We didn’t meet on Fantastic Four; we met, like, 10 years before,” Mara explained during an appearance on U.S. show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night (22May17).
“We did a screen test together and we had to kiss and it was very… I had to kiss many guys that day for the screen test.”
Kate told WWHL host Andy Cohen that neither she nor Bell landed roles in the film they tried out for, but when they met up again as Sue Storm and Ben Grimm in Fantastic Four, old emotions began to bubble.
“We fell in love on the press tour,” Mara revealed, recalling a former appearance on the show with her Fantastic Four castmates, during which she opted to “marry” Jamie in a game of Marry, Shag, Kill. The couple announced its engagement earlier this year (17).
This will be the first marriage for Mara and the second for Bell – he was previously wed to actress Evan Rachel Wood, the mother of his three-year-old son.

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