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Sunday: ‘Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood’

[IMG:L]Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood — 10:30/9:30c on E!

By E!-reality-series standards, this one has really slid under the radar since its Dec. 9 premiere.

Granted, it doesn’t have the same sex appeal as, say, E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians–even though both shows’ leads, Kim Kardashian and Snoop Dogg, have porn pasts–but a Snoop reality show is deserving of more buzz.

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Father Hood follows the oft-arrested rapper in his everyday, domesticated life, which includes his family: wife Shonte (aka “Boss Lady”), daughter Cori (aka “Choc”), and sons Cordell (aka “Rook”) and Corde (aka “Spank”). It’s the whole Dogg Pound!

Tonight, Father Hood’s third episode, Snoop is honored at a hip-hop festival in New York City, while back at home Spank and Rook get into trouble.


My Big Breasts and Me — 10/9c on BBC
No, this is not porn. While Big Breasts is true to its title, it’s not in the context that curious tuners-in are probably hoping for; rather, it’s about British women, who according to BBC have the biggest breasts in Europe, trying to cope with, well, largeness.

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