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Tina Turner helped Mel Gibson turn his wild life around on Mad Max sequel set

Mel Gibson vowed to curb his wild ways after Tina Turner begged him not to mess with his career.
The movie star-turned-director reveals his Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome castmate was seriously concerned about him while they were making the 1985 film, and offered him a little straight talk he insists helped him turn his life around.
In an exclusive interview with BET.com Gibson says, “I was a wild boy, I used to get loaded. She sent me a photograph of myself one time and she said, ‘Please don’t mess this up’. She was worried about me.
“I was touched by that… That went in somewhere.”
Gibson has battled sobriety for years, but appears to have cleaned up his act after a run-in with the police in 2006, when he was stopped and detained for drink driving. He became notorious overnight after it was reported he hurled anti-Semitic remarks at the arresting Jewish cop.

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