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Tom Ford adopted vegan diet after watching health documentary

Tom Ford was inspired to adopt a vegan diet after viewing a health documentary.
The fashion designer and Nocturnal Animals filmmaker is an advocate of manufacturing environmentally friendly clothes and was given the Green Carpet Fashion Award for Best International Designer supporting Made in Italy in September (17).
Now, Ford is committing to a greener way of living when it comes to his personal life and in a new interview with U.S. Vogue magazine explained that he decided to remove all animal products, including meat and dairy, from his pantry over the summer following a viewing of Netflix’s What the Health.
Ford, who shares five-year-old son Jack with husband Richard Buckley, added that one of the first people he told of his new lifestyle was Stella McCartney, a long-time vegetarian and passionate supporter of the use of sustainable fabrics in fashion.
“I sent a note to Stella McCartney – one of my best friends and one of Jack’s godparents – and I said, ‘Stella, you’re not going to believe this,’ thinking she would say, ‘Well it’s about time!'” the 56-year-old recalled. “But she didn’t, she said, ‘Congratulations.’ She was very gracious about it.”
Directed by Kip Andersen, What the Health advocates for a plant-based diet as the secret to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases, and also questions the practices of leading health and pharmaceutical organisations across the United States.
Celebrities such as Ne-Yo and Lewis Hamilton have tried vegan diets after viewing the film, but the documentary has also been criticised by medical experts and dietitians for “cherry picking” data from scientific studies.
While Ford seems to be committed to veganism, he divulged that the only real hurdle he has found so far was giving up his favourite Percy Pig candies, as they contain gelatine.
“They do make a vegan version, but they’re not the same,” he sighed.

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