Tupac’s first prison I.D. card up for auction

Tupac’s first prison I.D. card, from his stint behind bars in the mid-1990s, is going up for auction.
The hip-hop star was incarcerated for nine months after he was convicted on sexual assault charges back in 1995. And according to TMZ.com, the California Love hitmaker’s prison identification card is going up for auction through the memorabilia company Heritage Auctions – with a starting bid of $2,000 (£1,570).
The laminated card features a headshot of the late star as well as his signature, along with a number of personal details, including his full name – Tupac Shakur – date of birth, eye colour, and prisoner number. The card was issued on 28 February 1995.
Just months after his release from prison, Tupac was involved in a shooting in Las Vegas on 7 September 1996, where he suffered four bullet wounds. He died six days later.
The I.D. card isn’t the first prison-related item from the musician to be auctioned off. During his time behind bars, the Changes hitmaker wrote a letter to his then-girlfriend, including a number of sex scenes and graphic artwork, which sold earlier this year at auction for $21,000 (£16,450).
Bidding on the I.D. card starts on 1 July (19), and Heritage Auctions is expecting this piece to fetch between $4,000 (£3,130) and $6,000 (£4,700).