‘Wild Wild’ Worst at Anti-Oscars

Who said “Wild Wild West” didn’t deserve any awards? On this Oscar weekend, the overblown, undercooked Will Smith action-comedy got exactly what it deserved: five Razzies.

Wild Wild West” Yes, the critically unacclaimed summer smash was tops among all, um, winners at the 20th Annual Razzies, “dis-honoring” the worst in film, as they say. The bad-movie-watchin’ folks at the Golden Raspberry Foundation unveiled their picks for ’99 on Saturday.

They also released their choices for all-time baddies, slamming Sylvester Stallone as the worst actor of the 20th century and Madonna as worst actress for the same 100-year period. Stallone was selected on the strength, or lack thereof, of 17 films, from “Tango & Cash” to any “Rocky” movie after the third installment. Madonna qualified for her work in a half-dozen films, not including this year’s “The Next Best Thing.”

In the year-end race, “Wild Wild West” was dinged for: worst picture, worst director (Barry Sonnenfeld), worst screenplay, worst song (courtesy of its star) and worst screen couple (Smith and his no-chemistry partner Kevin Kline). But other than that, the Razzies loved it.

You got to hand it to the Golden Raspberry folks: They don’t pick on the little guys. Also on their hit list: Adam Sandler (worst actor for his portrayal of “an amazingly idiotic adoptive father” in “Big Daddy”) and Denise Richards (named worst supporting actress for her turn as a “tank-topped ‘nuclear physicist'” in “The World Is Not Enough“).

In the inevitable department, there was the requisite slam at Jar Jar Binks. George Lucas‘ much-reviled “Phantom Menace” creature was named worst supporting actor.

Here’s a complete look at the victims of the 20th Annual Razzies:

Worst Picture: “Wild Wild West” Worst Actor: Adam Sandler, “Big Daddy” Worst Actress: Heather Donahue, “The Blair Witch Project” Worst Screen Couple: Kevin Kline & Will Smith, “Wild Wild West” Worst Supporting Actress: Denise Richards, “The World Is Not Enough” Worst Supporting Actor: Jar Jar Binks, “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace” Worst Director: Barry Sonnenfeld, “Wild Wild West” Worst Screenplay: Jim Thomas & John Thomas, S.S. Wilson & Brent Maddock and Jeffrey Price & Peter S. Seaman, “Wild Wild West” Worst Original Song: “Wild Wild West” from “Wild Wild West,” by Stevie Wonder, Kool Mo Dee and Will Smith Worst Actor of the Century: Sylvester Stallone Worst Actress of the Century: Madonna Worst Picture of the Decade: “Showgirls” (1995) Worst New Star of the Decade: Pauly Shore