Zachary Levi hopes Shazam will join the Justice League


Zachary Levi doesn’t want to be “greedy” but hopes Shazam will get a crack at joining the Justice League.

The Chuck actor was unveiled as the newest member of the DC Comics universe in October 2017 when studio bosses announced that he would take on the adult role in the movie Shazam!

Directed by David F. Sandberg, the plot centres on a troubled 14-year-old orphan named Billy Batson (Asher Angel), who can transform into the superhero, as played by Levi, simply by uttering the word “Shazam!”

Now, in a video interview for Digital Spy, Levi expressed how much he would like to see his character make a crossover into one of DC’s Justice League movies.

“I don’t want to get too greedy,” the 38-year-old, who is garnering plenty of positive buzz for his DC debut, commented. “First and foremost, I would love that we get to keep building this world, the Shazam! side of the DC universe.

“If beyond that, my bosses say, ‘Hey, what about going and popping into that person’s movie or they pop into your movie?’ or, God willing, they make another Justice League and Shazam gets to be in the Justice League, I want all of that.”

Other DC movies include box office smashes like 2017’s Justice League flick, as well as features like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
The newcomer also admitted he got some tips on navigating the superhero world, but not from his compatriots at DC.

“I’ve had some buddies who have also done this in the Marvel world as well,” he shared. “Through my observation of what they’ve all done, I’ve tried to assimilate, as best I can, the things that it looks like have worked for them, but I was just kind of trying to do my own thing.

“It is very different too. It’d be very difficult to be getting tips from Batman because it’s a much darker, different kind of thing.”

Also starring Mark Strong, Djimon Hounsou, and Grace Fulton, Shazam! begins to hit cinemas from 3 April (19).