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#MyFirstTime: Reminisce and Reimagine Your First Time at the Movies

The smell of buttery popcorn and the sound of fizzy soda on ice set the scene as you prepare to take your seat. Rows of plush seating line the room. As you sit shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow film fanatics, you become a part of a shared experience among everyone at the theater. Whether seeing an indie arthouse film, the latest blockbuster action movie, or anything in between, there’s something out there for you and your crew to view on your next theater outing. But what about the first time that you ever went to the movies? Before you even knew what to expect — does it still hold up today?

For most, this was the case:

“I remember seeing the Lion King. I was maybe 3 years old? I just remember it feeling like the biggest screen I’ve ever seen and being amazed. Watched Lion King a million times after that.” – Jaime H.

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“I was 11 years old when I went to my first movie. It was Dances with Wolves. I had popcorn, pop, and chocolate bars.” – Charlotte B.

Ghostbusters 1984 and all the popcorn I could eat. I was 11 years old. First time at a theater it was the best.” – Gerald C.

For many others though, it was not the case, as nights filled with fears and tears came to mind. But what if you could have a redo of that original experience? Enter the Hollywood.com Tickets App — where your first time is about to get a whole lot better.

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Nostalgia reigned supreme as many movie-goers recalled heartwarming moments that shaped them for years to come:

“It was Superman II with Christopher Reeve. I remember the blue words swishing toward me with that iconic music playing in my ears. I was filled with such awe and excitement. There were tears and I didn’t understand why. I was so small that my mom had to stuff her purse in my seat to keep it from flipping up and eating me, and I had a huge tub of popcorn on the seat beside me as well. I’ve been in love with Superman ever since!” – Michele B.

“I pretty much grew up in the projection room of the local theater. My dad was the protectionist and I spent many hours with him when he was working. I watched the movies from the projection booth at first since I wasn’t old enough to sit in the auditorium alone. Not sure if it was the first but the first that I remember was one of the pre-1950 Lassie movies. I was terrified because it seemed like Lassie was always in danger and I couldn’t understand why she kept getting into the same trouble every time the movie was shown. As I grew older I started watching from the auditorium and developed a great love for movies. I later became a protectionist myself and ran them off and on until the last local theater closed. At 77 I still love movies and the theater and still attend quite regularly.” – John M.

“I was about 4 years old and I went to Finding Nemo with my dad and sister. It was my first time going to the theater so I was excited, nervous, and all the emotions you could ever feel. After feasting on some candy and popcorn I remember my eyes widening at the screen of the Pixar movie in front of me. My world was never the same and my love for movies grew even bigger that day.” – Natalie D.

But what about your #MyFirstTime? What was special about it? Was it meaningful to you? Were the snacks just as salty and sweet then as they are now? Were you enchanted by someone onscreen? Was there someone snoring in the row behind you? We want to know all about it!

Share your #MyFirstTime moments on Twitter by mentioning @Hollywood_com and we’ll highlight our faves.

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