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10 Movies to Watch with Your Family This Memorial Day

Whether you’re heading to a cookout or to the beach for the weekend, Memorial Day is the perfect time to spend with your family before kicking off the summer. Here are some of the best movies to watch with your family members this weekend.

Movies to watch this weekend: Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out is a star-studded murder mystery film that makes viewers feel like they are watching a real-life game of Clue. The movie stars Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Katherine Langford, Toni Collette, and Jamie Lee Curtis as all members of the same family trying to solve the murder of their rich grandfather’s death. Knives Out is rated PG-13, so it might not be suitable for younger family members.

Check out the movie trailer:

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Watch Knives Out on Amazon Prime Video.

Movies to watch this weekend: Soul (2020)

The Pixar animated film Soul is a great watch for family members of all ages (though older children and adults might understand it a bit more). The introspective movie takes the audience through Joe Gardner’s day as he tries to live out his dream of being a jazz pianist. He lands himself in a sticky situation while doing so, leading him to ponder his purpose in life. As most Pixar films, Soul will leave you feeling emotional, but so happy you just took the time to watch it.

Check out the movie trailer:

Watch Soul on Disney+.

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Movies to watch this weekend: Dream Horse (2021)

If you’re looking to venture out to a movie theater near you this weekend, check out Dream Horse. The film, based on a true story, follows the main character (played by Toni Collette) as she embarks on a journey of buying a racehorse. Our writer Danielle Hurst reviewed the movie and said “The film is a feel-good, heartwarming underdog story, and you can’t help but fall in love with all of the characters.” You can read the full review here.

Check out the movie trailer:

Movies to watch this weekend: Hairspray (2007)

If you’re looking to watch a musical this weekend, Hairspray is a solid pick. The film stars Zac Efron, John Travolta, Christopher Walken, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Amanda Bynes living in Baltimore during the civil rights movement. It centers around Tracy Turnblad, who struggles to get on TV as a teen who doesn’t fit the typical beauty standard. The movie also explores segregation on television in the ‘60s. If you watch Hairspray this weekend, you’re bound to be singing the songs around your house for the next week.

Watch Hairspray on HBO Max.

Movies to watch this weekend: The Parent Trap (1998)

The Parent Trap is the quintessential family movie of the early 2000s. Lindsay Lohan (who we can’t wait to see in an upcoming Netflix holiday movie) plays not one, but two characters who meet at summer camp and discover that they are twins. The timeless movie follows Annie and Hallie as they switch places for their mission to reunite their parents and bring their family back together again. It is the perfect feel-good film to enjoy with your family this holiday weekend.

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Watch The Parent Trap on Disney+.

Movies to watch this weekend: Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal (2021)

If your family is more interested in documentaries, you need to check out Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admission Scandal on Netflix. The doc takes viewers through the events that led to the exposure of wealthy parents in Hollywood paying for their children to get into prestigious colleges. It is a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most fascinating news stories of 2019.

Check out the trailer:

Watch Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal on Netflix.

Movies to watch this weekend: The Cat in the Hat (2003)

A personal favorite of mine, the live-action Cat in the Hat is a comedy centered around everyone’s favorite children’s book. The film takes the audience through the wacky series of events that occur as the Cat takes over Conrad and Sally’s day. The film stars Mike Myers as the Cat, Dakota Fanning and Spencer Breslin as the kids, and Alec Baldwin as their neighbor. The iconic imagery and timeless jokes in the film make it a must-watch for movie lovers of all ages.

Watch The Cat in the Hat on Starz.

Movies to watch this weekend: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian follows Ben Stiller as a former security guard, trying to save museum exhibits that are being put into storage at the Washington DC Smithsonian Museums. The adventure-comedy takes viewers through the three museums and brings different characters and moments from history to life. It also features Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart, Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt, and the Jonas Brothers as three singing cherubs (what more could you want from a film?). 

Watch Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian on Hulu.

Movies to watch this weekend: You Again (2010)

You Again is a comedy all about becoming family with your worst enemy. The film follows Marni (Kristen Bell) as she finds out that her brother is marrying her high school bully. Marni sets out to prove that her sister-in-law-to-be is a terrible person and the events that follow will have your family cracking up.

Watch You Again on Disney+.

Movies to watch this weekend: Little Women (2019)

Based on the Louisa May Alcott novel of the same name, Little Women follows four young women as they grow up and try to find their place in the world. The movie centers around the March sisters, played by Soarise Ronan, Florence Pugh, Emma Watson, and Eliza Scanlen. The film takes viewers through heartwarming journeys of love and loss and will have you embracing your family by the end.

Check out the movie trailer:

Watch Little Women on Starz.

No matter which movie you pick, we hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend with your family!

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