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5 Thoughts I Had While Streaming Episode 1 of ‘Loki’

Hey, Hollywooders! What’s Good in the ‘Wood? The MCU’s much-anticipated new TV show, Loki, is finally available to stream on Disney+ and we couldn’t be more excited!

The new TV show picks up right after the events of Avengers: Endgame in which an alternate version of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is brought to the Time Variance Authority after stealing the Tesseract. The TVA informs the God of Mischief that he risks being erased from existence, unless he helps them fix the broken timeline and stop a powerful new villain.

So, with the groundwork all laid out for the premiere of Phase 4’s newest TV show, here are five spoiler-free thoughts I had while streaming Loki Episode 1.

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#1 What’s the meaning behind the episode’s title?

Loki’s pilot episode is titled “Glorious Purpose,” and as soon as I hit play, I began to wonder why.

Much of “Glorious Purpose” sees Loki in what seems like a therapy session. Since this is technically a 2012 version of the character, Loki is still in his villain phase. However, “Glorious Purpose” aims to uncover what it is that makes Loki tick. Is he truly evil in nature? Does he only seek to murder and destroy? Or is Loki’s constant use of violence and fear rooted in insecurity?

Both the audience and the titular character go on a journey of self-discovery in the first episode of Loki.

#2 That Iron Man reference was top tier

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is brilliant when it comes to easter eggs that call back to previous films. Marvel goes way back to reference the MCU’s first film, Iron Man, to give the fans something to freak out about in Loki.

I won’t go too much into the details but see if you can catch the subtle Iron Man reference that appears only a few minutes into the episode. Hint: it’s when Loki first arrives in the desert.

#3 The multiverse is finally confirmed

Ever since Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, fans have been begging for the MCU to introduce the multiverse. We thought it finally happened in Spider-Man: Far from Home, but it turned out to be just a tease.

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Now, Marvel has finally confirmed the multiverse exists! While the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel is titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the cat was kinda already out of the bag. However, Loki explicitly states there is a multiverse, so it is finally official.

#4 Loki’s supporting cast is great

We all knew Tom Hiddleston was going to be great in Loki, but wow was the supporting cast great. Owen Wilson looked like he had been playing hard-boiled TVA detective Mobius M. Mobius for years. Meanwhile, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is the perfect actress to play OG Avengers character Ravonna Renslayer and Wunmi Mosaku is so commanding in her role as Hunter B-15.

#5 Are we just getting one episode?

While previous Marvel shows WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier rolled out two new episodes on opening weekend, Loki is opting for just one new episode a week.

This comes as a shame for anyone who wanted to binge a couple of episodes back-to-back, as all six episodes of Loki will be released one at a time. However, after this episode’s cliffhanger, which reveals Loki’s villain, the anticipation I have for Episode 2 is through the roof. I cannot wait until next Wednesday for the second episode!

Twitter was LOVING the Loki premiere

Loki’s premiere was beloved by fans on Twitter with many viewers crying tears of joy.

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While others were in their feels during that scene.

TBH, I think all of us were trying to see how the multiverse played into the greater MCU storyline.

But, above all else, Twitter came prepared with the memes.

Have you checked out the first episode of Loki yet? Let us know what you thought of the series premiere and any predictions you have for Episode 2 in the comments!

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