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How Long Do Movies Stay In Theaters?

While plenty of movie buffs love seeing a movie on the big screen on opening weekend, you might not have the time or maybe you want to avoid the crowds.

The thing is, movies are meant to be experienced on the big screen.

Ready to go to the movies?

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So, how long do movies stay in theaters?

We wish there were an exact number of days, but that’s not how the theatrical world works. A movie can stay in theaters for as little as a few weeks and several months. It all depends on what other movies are coming out, the popularity of the film, and the availability of theaters at a particular location.

For example, Everything Everywhere All At Once was released nationally across U.S. theaters on March 25, 2022. I bought my first tickets with the Hollywood.com – Tickets & More app and saw it nearly on May 7, nearly 2 months after its release. While I was surprised it was still in theaters, I’m so glad it was and relieved that I saw it before it moved to streaming platforms. Everything Everywhere All At Once was meant for the big screen.

Luckily, we have a resource for you to always know what movies are in theaters now: we update this list Friday so you can make your weekend plans and catch a movie before it leaves the theaters for good.


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