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It’s Shark Week: Here’s A Hysterically Honest Trailer For ‘Jaws’

This week is shark week, the Discovery Channel’s most exciting week of the year. In honor of our toothy, sea-animal brethren, Screen Junkies have released an honest trailer for Jaws.

For those of you who might have forgotten, Jaws features a very budget-looking animatronic great white that Spielberg himself admitted barely worked. Because of the shark’s malfunctions, the majority of scary moments in the film were attributed the occasional fin, some floating barrels and the infamous two music notes (props to the team who scored that one!).

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The honest trailer also points out the real monster wasn’t a shark, it was the town mayor. Seriously, who keeps beaches open when a great white is just chowing down on loads of beach-goers, dogs, children and fishermen? There’d for sure be a class action lawsuit after his stunt.

Checkout the entire trailer above. It’s hysterically accurate — what a film!

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