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Stars of ‘Hustlers’ talk about their exotic dancing training

Say what you will about strippers and their profession, but their dances can be an art form and one that’s really had to do.

It’s not easy to dance on a pole. To be able to use your body strength to climb up, swing around, use only your legs to hold on, it’s not easy. There are literally exercising pole dance classes because it is so difficult. On top of that, as I stated above, there’s a beauty to it. The human body is a beautiful thing and to see a woman (or man, whatever) glide along effortlessly is an art form. Even off the pole, exotic dancers have to know how to read a customer and give them exactly what they want (whether they know it or not).

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For Hustlers, the stars needed some training. Luckily for Constance Wu’s character, she’s a newbie so its ok if her character doesn’t know all the techniques, but Jennifer Lopez’s character is a whole other difficulty level. Not only did she need to know the moves, but she also had to do them like a seasoned professional whose been doing it for years… and judging from the clips of the movie mission accomplished. In the above interview, Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez tell us about their training and why this movie empowers women, and Lili Reinhart and Keke Palmer talk about the lessons that they went through.


Hustlers is in theaters now.

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