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10 Words That Have A Different Meaning For ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Fans

The Vampire Diaries has a world full of witches, vampires, werewolves, and hybrids. It also has it’s own rules and vocabulary. But that doesn’t mean they don’t twist the definition of words we use in our every day life. Many fans have a new perspective on certain words thanks to their devotion to the show. Here are ten words that mean something completely different thanks to the hit drama.

1. Hybrid


Normal meaning: A mixture of two elements. Or a car that uses an electric motor and gasoline.

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TVD meaning: A creature that is part werewolf, part vampire that is loyal to crazy Klaus Mikaelson. Mostly it’s just bad news all around!

2. Dead


Normal meaning: No longer alive. Complete or absolute.

TVD meaning: Lifeless…until it’s eventually brought back by some supernatural power, for better or worse.

3. Doppelganger


Normal meaning: A person who looks just like someone else.

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TVD meaning: Someone in the same blood line that looks exactly like their ancestor and is technically supernatural.

4. Blood


Normal meaning: Red liquid in the veins of animals that carry oxygen to parts of the body.

TVD meaning: Food!

5. Hungry


Normal meaning: Feeling the need for food.

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TVD meaning: A situation that leads to a human getting hurt or killed.

6. Ripper


Normal meaning: A tool that tears or breaks something.

TVD meaning: A vampire that wants to drink blood nonstop then mutilate the bodies, usually by ripping off their heads.

7. Compulsion


Normal meaning: Forcing someone to do something.

TVD meaning: A vampire’s ability to erase a human’s memory or force them to do something.

8. Passenger


Normal meaning: A traveler in some type of vehicle.

TVD meaning: A witch lying dormant inside another person’s body that can be activated by a word.

9. Hunter


Normal meaning: A person or animal that hunts.

TVD meaning: Supernatural vampire hunter that get tattoos on their body if they happen to be in the Brotherhood of the Five. That tattoo is a mark that tells the story of the first immortals.

10. Diary


Normal meaning: A book someone writes in to record events in their life.

TVD meaning: A book someone writes in so their friend can read it and catch up on what they missed out on while being dead for years.

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