Americans Are Spending A Scary Amount Of Time Consuming Media Online


Cell Phone, Pixabay, 062916

We’re definitely used to spending a whole lot of time on our smartphones and computers, but we didn’t know we let it get this bad! The typical American now spends an average of 10 hours and 39 minutes everyday consuming media — this means, our faces are tucked away in our smartphones, TVs, computers and tablets for most of the time we’re awake. Ugh. How did we let this happen?

Remember the days when we used to go outside and look at the beauty that was surrounding us? Do you remember playing games with your friends and having real conversations face-to-face? Yeah, we don’t remember that either. 

These stats are up an entire hour since last year, where we mostly just spent nine hours and 39 minutes a day glued to our smartphones. Nearly 30 percent of homes have both DVRs and subscriptions to streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, so it’s not really surprising that we’re spending an hour more on our tablets and TVs. Though, it should be noted that these findings are extremely under-reported as Nielsen measures the amount of time spent online on smartphones, but does not measure the amount of time spent texting (and if you know anything about our generation, it’s that we’re constantly texting).

These findings aren’t all bad though! Americans are spending three minutes less watching live TV than we did last year, though we’re probably just watching Netflix instead. We do still spend four and a half hours every day watching TV. 

It was also found that those between the ages of 18 and 34 spend 39 percent of their media usage online, while only 29 percent of their usage is via TV. People over 50 prefer TV with it taking up 53% of their media consumption.

Guys, can we just close our laptops and go outside, already? It’s summer and it’s really nice outside (but what is weather anyway?).