Here’s Everything We Know About The New Shows Coming To ‘The CW’ In Fall 2016

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The CW

This past spring, The CW made an pretty unprecedented move when they renewed EVERY SINGLE SHOW on their rosters. From fan favorites like Supernatural and Jane the Virgin, to some major surprises like Reign, fans of The CW were thrilled to have some more time with their favorite characters and story lines. Since there seemed to be no room in their programming slate after all of the renewals, we were sightly shocked to learn that The CW will also be adding four additional shows to their line up. Here is everything we know about the new shows that are coming to The CW in Fall 2016.

1. Supergirl

Supergirl, isn’t exactly new. It actually premiered on CBS last fall to really great reviews. Unfortunately, it stood out like a sore thumb on the more “mature” network. Luckily, The CW has scooped up the superhero show which will fit in nicely with the rest of their DC comic superhero favs including Arrow and The Flash. Melissa Benoist and the rest of the cast will be continuing in their roles, and it looks like there will be a ton of crossover fun. Also, word on the street is that Superman will be introduced in the new season of Supergirl! Someone please call Smallville‘s Tom Welling!

2. Frequency

Based on the 2000 film of the same name, The CW is getting a bit darker with their new drama Frequency. Peyton List stars as Raimy Sullivan, a detective who discovers she’s able to speak to her deceased father. As the duo work together to try and piece together the clues of an unsolved murder, they realize that they can’t tamper with the past without changing the present. We’re super excited for this one!

3. No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow is an upcoming romantic fantasy dramedy starring Tori Anderson and Joshua Sasse. Anderson stars as Evie, a woman complacent in her life. That’s until she meets her super hot and free-spirited neighborhood Xavier, who claims that the world is going to end in eight months and twelve days. Inspired by Xavier’s fun-loving spirit, Evie decides to make an “apocalyst” and the duo set off to do every crazy fun thing on it before the world begins crumbling around them.

4. Riverdale


Based on the iconic Archie Comics, Riverdale is perhaps the most highly anticipated series headed to television. However, it’s shrouded in so much secrecy that we don’t even know when it will hit the air. We do know that this won’t be your mama’s Archie. This Riverdale is very dark, those who have seen the trailer (which is not yet available online) have even compared it to Twin Peaks. We also know that the story will center around a murder mystery (which may or may not include zombies). Archie might be having an illicit affair with his teacher Ms. Grundy and Betty just might have a bit of an Adderall addiction. All of this sounds super fascinating, and as we know more we’ll be sure to let you all know!

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