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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: Week 9

During Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas’s rehearsals of the Argentine Tango, Chelsea seemed to let the fact that they would be dancing three dances defeat her, and she responded to the pressure by acting silly and not actively participating in the practice. Mark said she was dancing, but she wasn’t working. When they danced their routine in front of the judges, Carrie Ann confessed she didn’t find it up to par with what they usually do, and I agree. It wasn’t nearly as evocative as their other dances have been, and Bruno agreed with her but commended them for still delivering something exciting. They got 28 points for their Tango.

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson first danced the Argentine Tango, and the rehearsal footage started off with Kym explaining to Hines that she wanted to do all these extra tricks since they made it into the semi-finals. This made Hines pretty nervous because the fact that Kym was unsure of what she was doing made him even more nervous to perform. But she said this was the time for them to really do their best and try everything they’d been afraid of doing before. Then as they were practicing one of their most fancy tricks, Hines’s weight smashed down on Kym and her neck was crushed on the floor. She was rushed to the hospital and the footage ended, and then we saw them on the floor dancing the tango. The dance was exceptional, considering it wasn’t as cheesy as their Foxtrot from last week and especially after Kym had had been injured so severely. The judges gave them a standing ovation for their performance, and Hines cried. They were given 30 points for their dance.

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In Ralph Macchio and Katrina Smirnoff’s rehearsals of the Argentine Tango, Ralph had a hard time embodying the character of the sexy and suave performer. Karina did her best to set him up with as much time with a hula hoop as she could, but eventually the time came for them to wiggle their hips for real. They bought a ton of time in the beginning doing nothing, and though his footwork was more solid than it has ever been, the dance was not what it could have been. Judges complained on a lack of sensuality and emotion, and they gave them 25 points.

Because Kirstie Alley danced the Argentine Tango last week, her first dance this week was the Viennese Waltz. And after she collapsed a few times last week during rehearsals because she wasn’t eating enough, she was proud to inform us that she was now eating 5 meals a day and getting all the sleep she could. Their practice sessions showed Maks getting extremely frustrated with Kirstie for not nailing the steps, but she explained that was just how the two of them worked together and it was past the point of bothering her anymore. I think the Viennese Waltz is my least favorite dance, as I just find all the movements so boring and I feel like whenever it is performed, there’s just no emotion. The judges complimented her movements and her endurance, and gave her 27 points.

The second dance Chelsea and Mark performed was the Rumba, and we got a big montage as to how and why Chelsea became the competitor that she is. Then we saw them dance the Rumba, which seemed to require very little movement from either one of them. The judges enjoyed it though, and Bruno said it was “stunning.” They gave them 30 points.

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Ralph Macchio’s montage consisted of his family telling a few flattering stories about him, and the story of how Karate Kid made him a sex symbol. Then he and Katrina danced their Salsa, and it was pretty hilarious. The judges said it was too wild and too harsh, and Bruno made the crude comment that Karina was too rough with her pelvic thrusts. They got 23 points.

Kirstie and Maks’s second dance was the Paso Doble, but before she took the floor we learned that there was a period in her youth where she was addicted to cocaine. She said she just quit cold turkey and moved to Hollywood, where within a few days of her parents’ deaths, she was given a role on Star Trek. After the clip ended she performed her Paso Doble to rave reviews, and 27 points.

Then came the “Winner Takes All” Cha Cha Chas. These dances were performed at the end of the night and gave the dancers an opportunity to rake in a bonus 15 points. The way these dances worked was the couples each had four minutes to listen to the song they’re assigned and come up with moves.

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The first two groups to perform were Hines Ward and Kym Johnson and Ralph Macchio and Karina. Hines seemed significantly nervous but before he noticed, it was over. Then it was Ralph and Karina’s turn, which was pretty uninteresting. The winners of the round were Hines and Kym.

Then, Kirstie Alley and Maks went up against Chelsea and Mark. First to dance were Chelsea and Mark, who kept things pretty simple. Then it was Kirstie and Maks’s turn, and it became clear that the object of this challenge is to find the best way to kill time. Chelsea and Mark won the face-off.

Finally, Hines Ward and Kym faced off with Chelsea and Mark. The first to take the stage were Hines Ward and Kym Johnson, and what they came up with was pretty impressive. Then Mark and Chelsea came onstage, and they just filled their dance with a ton of moves from their previous dances. The bonus points were awarded to Chelsea and Mark.

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