The Ultimate ‘Gilmore Girls: A Day In The Life’ Drinking Game For Binge-Watching The Netflix Revival


You may have already watched the Gilmore Girls four-part revival, but if you’re like us, you’re still processing the ending. It’s going to need many, many more watches until we can get a firm grasp on those four final words and how the show’s writers could leave us hanging after all this time. We are betrayed; we are sad; we need a drink.

Thankfully, this glorious Gilmore Girls drinking game will cure our emotional woes as well as aid us in the process of re-watching the revival (and let’s be honest, the entire series).

This game is meant to be played with a couple cups of Lorelai-approved, strong, black coffee because we can’t condone getting smashed while crying in front of a paused Netflix screen asking if you’re still watching Gilmore Girls (because it should really know that yes, you are). Any beverage will do, though!

We now present you with…the ultimate Gilmore Girls revival drinking game.


Take One Sip When:

– Lorelai and Rory make a pop culture reference
– Luke yells at Taylor
– Lorelai asks Luke for coffee
– Someone is making coffee
– Lorelai orders takeout
– Someone says the words “Chilton,” “Harvard” or “Yale.”
– Someone mentions Rory’s piece in The New Yorker
– Someone is frightened and/or disturbed by Paris Geller
– Michel answers the phone at the DragonFly Inn
– Someone mentions Richard (RIP)
– Someone tries to access wifi at Luke’s
– Kirk’s pig is on screen
– The town busker makes an appearance
– There’s a cheesy mother-daughter montage

Take A Shot When:

– Stars Hollow has a town meeting
– Lorelai talks on the phone at Luke’s
– One of Rory’s ex-boyfriends appear
– Luke and Lorelai get into a fight
– Emily and Lorelai fight
– Stars Hollow has a random-themed festival or event
– A new chef is in Sookie’s kitchen
– Rory does something uncharacteristically irresponsible (i.e. sleeps with a Wookie, has an affair, drinks on the job)
– Emily does something uncharacteristically lower-class (i.e. wears jeans, curses out the DAR)
– Someone forgets Rory’s boyfriend Paul

Chug your drink when:

– Kirk has a new job/shows up in a professional capacity
– Luke is wearing something other than a baseball cap and plaid flannel shirt
– There’s a flashback
– Someone famous makes a cameo
– Rory sees her father
– The members of the Skull and Bones make an appearance
– Sookie finally shows up

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