Coolest Pop Culture Google Doodles Ever 

Unless you live under a rock, abruptly lost your Wi Fi connection or are my in-laws, you’ve seen the new Google Doodle, celebrating the 46th anniversary of Star Trek

A clever, interactive little treat made up of four scenes gives a wink to a few famous moments in Star Trek history. Tribbles tumble out of a vent, starship doors slide open leading to another world, the Google letters sport the iconic hairdos of the original crew and the infamous doomed red shirt? Well, you’ll just have to see it. 

The Doodle, created by Google Doodler Ryan Germick, has gotten lots of attention. But it’s only one of the creative pop culture Google Doodles we’ve seen in recent memory. After the first doodle was launched in 1998 to celebrate the Burning Man Festival, they’ve paid homage to everyone from John Lennon to Gumby. 

Here, a rundown of our favorites: 

Star Trek’s 46th Anniversary: September 7, 2009Star Trek Google Doodle

Popeye Creator E.C. Segar’s Birthday: December 8, 2009


Popeye Google Doodle

Julia Child’s 100th Birthday: August 15, 2012

Julia Child Google Doodle

Michael Jackson’s Birthday: August 29, 2009


Michael Jackson Google Doodle

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday: March 2, 2009Dr. Seuss

40th Anniversary of Sesame Street: November 5, 2009

Cookie Monster Google Doodle

Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary: May 21, 2010

Pac Man Google Doodle

What characters or projects should Google celebrate next? Tell us in the comments section!

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[Photo credit: Google]