A Jennifer Aniston Reality Show?

ALT TEXTI know what you’re thinking: “Doesn’t Jennifer Aniston already have a reality TV show?” Actually, surprisingly, she doesn’t. What you’re actually thinking of is that same character she’s played in every movie that she’s ever done, well, ever.

But now, Showbizspy reports that the former Friends actress has been approached by former MTV programming president Tony DiSanto and ex-senior vice president Liz Gately, about doing her own reality show — a fly-on-the-wall type series. And as this type of celebrity gossip goes, some friends of friends of friends were quoted by Showbizspy.

“Jen’s a really private person, so everyone will want to know the real her,” the source said. “Viewers would kill to see how she goes about her day-to-day life, what she really eats and get an insight into her love life.

DiSanto and Gately are responsible for The Hills and Jersey Shore, so it’s obvious they know how to handle the reality show genre. Supposedly, Aniston is interested in the project, but only on her own terms. She wants to be in control of the show’s image (good luck with that one!). The source goes on to say pretty much what everyone else is thinking about this whole situation.

“Let’s face it, her career isn’t going as well as many expected and anything Liz and Tony touch turns to gold. It’s just about coming up with the right show that doesn’t make her look foolish.”

Um, sorry Jen, but it’s going to be pretty hard to not look foolish. I can’t imagine why she would actually want to do a reality show like this. Her career isn’t completely dead (she’s still making movies), and since you can find an episode of Friends on TV at any point and time in the day, I’m sure she doesn’t need the cash. Doing a reality show would simply give everyone (like me) more opportunities to make fun of her.

Source: Showbizspy