A Pop Culture Thanksgiving: What Made Us Give Thanks In 2012



Happy Thanksgiving! Today is the day that we awkwardly gather round the table before stuffing our faces and give thanks to the things that matter most in our lives: family, friends, and good health. 

Well that’s nice and all, but here at Hollywood.com we’ve compiled a list of things that we are truly thankful for. Things like Louie, Magic Mike, and Amy Poehler(We’re proud to say that she’s mentioned three different times). Check out our list and then share which pop-culture phenomenons you’re most thankful for in 2012!

Kate Ward: I’m thankful to Louie for not only giving me quotable soundbites (“I… am… BORED!”), but also for helping me remember no matter how bad it gets, at least I don’t have to help clean fecal matter off a raw meat-eating boy.

Leanne Aguilera: I’m thankful for the fact that Magic Mike was a legitimately good movie and that everyone has finally realized that “Call Me Maybe” is a truly obnoxious song. I’m thankful that Happy Endings is consistently amahzing (Wheee! What up skanks?!) and that I can blame my love for Glee on my job—when in reality it’s one of the highlights of my week. I’m also thankful for Matt Bomer. Even though he doesn’t play on my team, it’s lovely to know that there are real life Disney princes walking among us.

Anna Brand: I am thankful for the release of Dawson’s Creek instant streaming on Netflix, the “Shahs of Sunset”, and these Gotye lip-syncing kids.

Alicia Lutes: I’m thankful for unending Lohan drama and the end of the 2012 election so that my blood pressure can return to normal. I’m thankful for drunk celebrities on Watch What Happens Live, and Twitter wars. I’m thankful for the friendship of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and their shows 30 Rock and Parks and Rec being so great. I’m thankful for Solange Knowles‘ general flyness, and that people have finally stopped playing that Gotye song. I’m thankful for Maggie Smith always, but especially for her in the 3rd season (sorry, series) of Downton Abbey. I’m also glad that our president supported gay marriage because being hateful is so 2011. I’m also glad that Shame came out on DVD for, yes, the very obvious reasons.

Abbey Stone: I am thankful for a Matthew and Mary union (enough sexual tension is enough, Mr. Fellowes) and the Dowager Countess, like, in general. I am also thankful for Hillary Clinton’s texting skillz and “Call Me Maybe” (because duh).

Michael Arbeiter: I am most thankful for the language perpetrated by the future island society in Cloud Atlas. From now on, I can happily proclaim my affirmation for an idea with not merely a “true,” but a “true-true.”

Matt Patches: I am thankful that Channing Tatum has finally convinced people that he’s more than just a good-looking meathead. He’s a good-looking meathead with acting chops and sensibilities that help good movies get made.

Sydney Bucksbaum: I am thankful that Hart of Dixie didn’t take the expected and easy way out of the big Season 1 cliffhanger: after Zoe and Wade finally admitted they had feelings for each other and hooked up, George called off his wedding to tell Zoe he loved her… while Wade was still in her bed! We all thought this CW charmer would just have Zoe dump Wade to jump George for Season 2, but then they surprised us by having Zoe turn George down and give Wade his much-deserved chance. This fall has been all about “Zade,” and I’m glad the love triangle has been rendered almost extinct… at least, for now. Giving Zoe and Wade’s relationship some time to grow has breathed new life into this show.

Keslea Stahler: Ryan Gosling doing anything ever, the way Schmidt on New Girl says Chutney (“Chutt-en-ee”), the fact that 30 Rock is going out with a good final season, DVR for allowing me to be a TV-nut without being a total shut-in.

Aly Semigran: I’m thankful for the ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ soundtrack for ensuring I had plenty of goosebumps in 2012, I’m thankful for Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling‘s budding bromance on the set of the new Terrence Malick movie (more goosebumps), and I’m thankful for Leslie Knope (the continually amazing Amy Poehler) proving, at long last, smart, successful women in love can have it all.

Michelle Lee: I’m thankful for Claire Danes‘ award-winning ugly crying, extremely entertaining political scandals, Amy Poehler’s adorable ginger baby and that 50 Shades of Grey isn’t mentioned 100 times a day anymore.

Brian Moylan: I am thankful that Laurie died on The Walking Dead. Also, for Kim Richards.

Shaunna Murphy: I’m thankful for Daryl Dixon holding babies, and that scene of Chloe Sevigny scaring the school children on American Horror Story. I’m also thankful because Cabin in the Woods finally came out, as well as Anderson Cooper.

Lindsey DiMattina: I am thankful that a judge took away Amanda Bynes‘ drivers license because a few speeding tickets/hit-and-runs could have been a lot worse if she had been allowed to continue to drive.

Christian Blauvelt: I’m grateful that TV finally proved my theory that acting ability is directly proportional to baldness. See: every male actor on Breaking Bad, Andre Braugher on Last Resort, and Jim Rash on Community (and on the Oscars, when he mimicked Angelina’s leg poses). Hairlessness is akin to godliness, it seems, with the obvious exception of Terry O’Quinn on 666 Park Avenue. Also, I’m thankful that James Bond got his sense of humor back, even though I’m convinced that Daniel Craig will look like Jonathan Banks in 15 years.

What in the world of pop culture are you thankful for? Shout ’em out in the comments below!

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