Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Go on a Date — Publicity Stunt or Blossoming Romance?

Kendall Jenner, Harry Styleswowcelebritytv / Splash News

Of course the biggest entertainment news of the day comes in the form of two teenagers going out on one date. Let’s just reflect on that for a moment. Teenagers, on a date. Shocking. Apparently, the world’s combined fascination with One Direction and the Kardashians is just so huge that this date needed to be broadcast on every single entertainment site and show known to man. Anyway, let’s break down all the weird and wonderful meanings of this union. 

Right off the bat, I’m going to break those romantic hearts and call this “date” out for what it most likely is – a publicity stunt. Jenner and Styles both have something to gain from being photographed together, especially this week. Recently, the newly 18-year-old Jenner uploaded an Instagram picture where she showed off her (sort of) naked chest. The uproar over that photo combined with her date with Styles could be enough to seriously launch Jenner’s modeling career into the big leagues, which she clearly wants. Styles too can profit from this as he is currently promoting his new One Direction album, Midnight Memories, which will be released later this week. In addition, 1D will be performing at the American Music Awards and this little stunt could easily draw in audiences for Sunday’s show, which could boost record sales. Voilà, see how amazing this “date” could turn out for the both of them? 

However, in the more unlikely circumstance that the Styles/Jenner union is real, then the fascination with these two is a bit more understandable and noteworthy since it could mean the joining of two huge pop-culture empires. But, before anyone gets too excited, let’s face the facts. Basically any tidbit of news about Styles’ romantic life is immediately reported, while every move made by a member of the Kardashian klan is quickly discussed. Just because we see a photograph of these two together doesn’t necessarily mean they are dating. Plus, it’s hard enough to date as a teenager with your parents dissecting your life, let alone when you have the whole world doing it. So even if the date was real, this so-called relationship probably won’t last long. 

But, before this “relationship” dies its quick death, let’s take this opportunity to ponder the long-term possibilities of a Jenner/Styles union. Firstly, would Jenner go out on tour with 1D? Would she try being a singer like Kim did that one awkward time? Would Styles’ reputation go from bad-boybander to doting celebrity boyfriend? Would the duo have singing model babies on their own reality show? Oh, all the amazing things that could happen.

Anyway, the epic (and most likely only) date of Jenner and Styles occurred on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at the West Hollywood restaurant Craig’s. Jenner has previously been linked to rapper Young Jinsu while Styles publicly romanced Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne.