A Word to Jessica Simpson on Baby Fashion

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson is a new mom who just so happens to have her own fashion empire, so it will likely only be a matter of time before the star has those two worlds collide. That’s right, the singer/designer/occasional actress and reality star could very well be designing looks for tots. So if Simpson insists on expanding into the very tiny fashion design, here’s a few items we hope she stays away from:

Booty Shorts for Babies

Simpson rocked the heck out of those Daisy Duke shorts in The Dukes of Hazzard but not everyone can pull those things off. We’re thinking babies are at the very top of that list of people.

Mommy and Baby Maxi Dresses

Assuming she didn’t name her daughter Maxwell after the maxi dress (though, in the Simpson clan, when it comes to naming children there are apparently no limits) the kid deserves a break on the off chance that she did. The “maxi pad” and “Maxwell coffee” jabs on the playground should be more than enough. Plus, Mariah Carey already beat her to the punch. Divas, right?

Baby Rays

Sure you need big shades when your momma is a big star, but let’s be honest, babies are cute and fun, but far too fidgety for sunglasses.

Maternity Jeans

If only to avoid discussion of these infamous jeans for the rest of time.

What do you think? Should Jessica Simpson make designer clothes for babies? If so, what’s off limits? Would you buy them for your kid? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image Credit: David Edwards]


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