Al Roker: ‘I Pooped My Pants’ at the White House 

Al Roker: ‘I Pooped My Pants’ at the White House 

Al Roker
Al Roker

Al Roker Pooped pants

For reasons beyond comprehension, Today show anchor Al Roker willingly admitted that he pooped his pants… at the White House. Roker lived through a moment that would cause most of us to crawl into a hole until our dying day due to the sheer embarrassment from which one cannot recover and then talked about it on Dateline. Roker, who underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2002 and has since dealt with some of the side effects, recalled the incident.

“I’m walking to the pressroom, I think I gotta pass a little gas here. So, I’m walking by myself, who’s gonna know? Only, a little something extra came out.” Dateline correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman wanted to make sure we were all on the same page and clarified with Roker, “You pooped in your pants.” Roker confirmed, “I pooped in my pants. Not horribly, but enough that I knew.” (You can watch Roker talk about this moment totally straight-faced here.) 

In other words, Al Roker sharted at the White House. Sharting, in case you are unfamiliar is when… you know what, I’m going to let Philip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly explain this one, kids.

There’s a silver lining to this news, folks. The next time you’re having a rough day, just remember you’re not Al Roker and you didn’t once poop your pants at the White House. 

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