Al Roker Sleeps Through Now Ironically-Titled Morning Show ‘Wake Up With Al’

This morning we were once again reminded that celebrities are mere mortals just like us. We all have those days when we somehow manage to sleep through the persistent hum of our alarm clocks. Well, it was just that kind of day for poor Al Roker.

Roker overslept for the first time in 39 years and therefore wasn’t present for the filming of his apparently way too early in the morning show, Wake Up With Al. The talk-show host admitted to his accidental laziness on twitter, saying “After 39 years, it happened. I overslept and missed a show. Missed #WUWA. BUt will be on time for @today.”

Roker was indeed true to his promise and made it in on time for his stint on Today, at least. The jokester even poked a little fun at the whole sleeping-in situation posting a vine of him yawning and professing himself as a “sleepyhead.”  

Considering Roker somehow circumvented oversleeping for the past four decades, I guess it’s only fair to cut him some slack, eh? 

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