Alison Brie Needs To Work on Her Grumpy Cat Impression — VIDEO

Credit: Made Man/YouTube

Alison Brie, you may be adorable, but you’re no Grumpy Cat.

The Mad Men star (whose character is having a rather kickass week, we might add) kindly participated in a video for in which Paul F. Tompkins had her perform a series of popular memes with her wildly expressive Disney princess face.

Sure, she couldn’t quite match the cuddly distaste for all living things the way Miss Grumpy Cat herself can, but we’ve got to hand it to her: her Unflattering Beyoncé impression is scarily accurate. That one photo of Beyoncé that Beyoncé’s publicist tried to make disappear from the Internet better watch out. There’s a new sideways snarl in town. 

Enjoy all the adorable, giggly meme-ification below. And yes, you’re going to love Brie even more. 

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