What Would Amanda Bynes’ Characters From ‘The Amanda Show’ Think of Her Behavior?

Before Amanda Bynes became the blonde wig-wearing, Twitter-obsessed trainwreck that she is today, she was an adorable Nickelodeon star with her own sketch show. For those who grew up in the ’90s, The Amanda Show was filled with memorable characters, which makes Bynes’ apparent psychological breakdown all the more fascinating distressing.

What would her most famous Amanda Show characters have to say about her recent behavior? Would they approve of her bong-throwing ways? We tried to answer these pressing questions.

Penelope: Amanda please! Amanda’s biggest fan would be so upset with how far her idol has fallen. However, she would still follow her on Twitter to see what her latest thoughts on Drake are. And if Amanda does come out with a rap album like she wants to, Penelope would download it right away. Old habits die hard.


Judge Trudy: Amanda is no stranger to courts, but Judge Trudy wouldn’t let her off with just some probation time. No way! She would sentence her to a more appropriate punishment, like taking away her wig and Twitter account. Court dismissed, bring in the dancing lobsters! 


Moody: Moody lives in a soap opera. I mean, her mother disappeared in a hot air balloon and her father lost his big toe. So maybe Amanda’s behavior wouldn’t seem all that weird to her. What’s wrong with getting some cheek piercings?


The Girls Room: Popular girl Amber would definitely not let Amanda hang with her clique in the girl’s bathroom. They would give her a swirly and kick her out. Why would Amanda be hanging out in a middle school bathroom in the first place? At this point, it’s anyone’s guess.


Crazy Courtney: It’s obvious what Courtney would do: yell “MAH-HAH!” in Amanda’s face. Would this be the wake-up call that Amanda needs to realize she’s acting just as crazy as Courtney?


We’re left wondering: is Bynes’ behavior simply part of a real-life Amanda Show skit that she’s just really, really committed to? We’re not ready to give up on our conspiracy theory quite yet!

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