Amy Poehler: ‘Smoking Makes You Look Cool’ — VIDEO

Amy Poehler

Even when Amy Poehler is being a terrible role model to the multitudes of young men and women who look up to her, she still tops Hollywood’s list of wonders. Earlier this month, the world was hit with the asteroid-sized news that Poehler and husband Will Arnett were splitting up — a revelation that left us at a loss for words, then driven to drink, and finally forced to conjure up crazy conspiracy theories to make sense of it all.

Ever since, we’ve held onto the impending fifth season of Parks and Recreation (which begins Thursday night) to keep our spirits high. But in the meantime, we’re treated to Poehler’s delightful Wednesday night appearance on The Tonight Show to remind us why we are staunchly and eternally in her camp. Poehler paid a visit to Jay Leno to tease a few elements of the Washington D.C.-set season premiere of Parks: Leslie Knope and her beloved Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) will high-tail it to the nation’s capital for the latter’s new job as a senatorial campaign manager, and Poehler shared a clip that features an impressive guest star.

But beyond the chat on her acclaimed NBC sitcom, Poehler also decided to make a point about smoking. “I don’t smoke, but l do think it looks cool,” Poehler affirmed, before lighting up on set and effectively driving a stake right into the hearts of all the healthy-minded citizens who always hoped that was just a myth. Just to bring the point home, she added, “Smoking makes you look cool, and girls like it.”

Obviously, it was all just a shtick that Poehler and Leno had planned for laughs — Chris Treager would never allow Leslie Knope to publicly endorse such a microchip-compromising antic as smoking. Still, the interview in entirety was a hearty reminder of why we love this women. Check out both parts below, and catch Parks and Recreation Thursday night at 9:30 PM.

[Photo Credit: NBC]


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