Anderson parties in style on New Year’s Eve

The actress/model was the star attraction at the city’s end-of-year Gridlock party, which also featured American Idol star Adam Lambert.

She turned up to the Paramount Studios bash with a posse of pals all dressed up as dogs and demons and chatted to reporters while an assistant threw glitter over her.

She then spent the evening with friends in the event’s VIP room, emerging just before midnight to slur her away through a clock countdown to the New Year.

A fellow reveller tells WENN, “At two minutes before midnight she was taken out to the stage area, where she needed to be helped up the stairs of the stage to count the New Year down.

“She was slurring her words and she counted the last 10 second faster than normal time would allow – the New Year started a few seconds early for Pam.

“She was given more drinks on stage and, after introducing Adam Lambert, she went back to the VIP room to drink more while Adam performed. She was still partying when I left. She certainly was out to have a great time.”