B.o.B. and Taylor Swift’s ‘Both of Us’ Video: Uncharacteristically Not Flashy

Last week B.o.B. told MTV that the video for “Both of Us,” his team-up with Taylor Swift, would be “about all walks of life, all classes of society” — which is precisely what the just-unveiled video seems to depict. It’s an uncharacteristically not flashy effort for both megastars, whose music videos tend to focus, justifiably, on them and feature more cinematic production values overall.

By contrast, the stripped-down “Both of Us” clip — which was shot in the Nashville countryside, where Swift said bugs and spiders stalked her and B.o.B. — shines a light on other, everyday people, more so than the country-pop singer and the rapper behind the hit song off B.o.B.’s latest album Strange Clouds. Check out the video for yourself, below!


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Both of Us