Bana’s long-distance dad troubles

The 40-year old actor and wife Rebecca Gleeson share two children, 11-year-old son Klaus and eight-year-old Sophia.

The family often travels together when Bana’s at work; but the actor admits he immediately loses control of his kids as soon as he’s away. .

He says, “When we shoot movies we travel together but when I’m on a junket I fly solo. I know this sounds so lame given the fact that it’s 2009 but I just discovered (video conferencing service) Skype – which I’ve discovered is fantastic for saying ‘Hello’ but is not great for parenting.

“The other day we’re taking turns… (My kids and I) started talking and suddenly they got into a fight. The next thing I see is this hand coming from out of frame, and suddenly I’m watching a hostage video. (I’m screaming) ‘Get your hands off her! Where’s your mother?'”.