Beyonce Wore a Belt and Is Picky About Photos, So She Must Be Pregnant

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Beyoncé must have known that telling ABC News she was wants a baby sister for her and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy would get the rumor mill churning – even if she wisely followed it up with “someday.” But apparently, it’s not just her candid words that are getting the masses going: new Beyoncé pregnancy rumors are gaining traction all because Bey wore a belt. 

The New York Post sites the ever-important presence of “chattering” among “music insiders” as the main proof for a new rumor that Beyoncé is pregnant with baby number two, but bolsters the argument with word from last Monday’s Met Gala (above). At New York’s annual style-fest, Bey wore a black and gold gown with a dangerously high slit and, more importantly, a high-waisted belt. Because the famously curvy singer never favors the figure flattering high-waisted look (never everever) she must be hiding a baby bump.

The Post also resurrected claims that Beyoncé is only allowing approved photographers to capture her mid-dance-move during her international Mrs. Carter Show tour. That’s definitely a ploy to keep her pregnancy from leaking to the press and not at all a reaction to the fierce, Hulk-esque images that came out of the Super Bowl halftime show. (You know, the ones her publicist tried to eradicate from the Internet.)

So, in conclusion, chill out, everyone.

If Queen B really was pregnant, do we think she’d be gyrating her way around the world for the next four months on an exhausting tour? Let’s wait until she starts rubbing her belly on stage at a major awards show before we give any weight to these rumors. Deal?

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