‘Bridesmaids’ Star Kristen Wiig: My Worst Job Ever 

Kristen WiigUnlike most actors’ worst job before “making it” — and they’ve all got a pre-fame worst job — Kristen Wiig‘s isn’t the usual waiting tables. Rather, it’s answering phones at a law firm, where she lasted one day.

The Bridesmaids star/co-writer, who’s set to make her Oscars debut on Sunday night, spoke to Vogue magazine recently, dishing on everything from her aforementioned work experience to post-Bridesmaids misconceptions (“People assume your life changes more than it does.”) and the ridiculously long, late hours she puts in at Saturday Night Live (“It’s a six-and-a-half-day week … I’m going to need a lot of under-eye work.”).

Perhaps most interesting, though, is the across-the-board praise sung by her collaborators from both the big and small screen, about her work ethic and comedic sensibilities. Sean Penn, with whom she is working on his upcoming film The Comedian — and a guy not exactly known for his open praise — had this to say: “There’s a high-octane whimsy, an effortless imagination, and a seamlessness between what you look through to the joy or tragedy underneath. She has the kind of mystery you generally associate with an actress and not so much with a comedienne.”