Butler names girls who broke his heart

The actor was a guest on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show and he was asked if any woman had ever shunned the 300 star.

Butler pretended it was still a sore point, and screamed out, “Carol-Ann Nicole Clinton – b**ch!”

He added, “She flirted outrageously with me… always pretending that we were boyfriend/girlfriend, until I made my huge attraction to her clear – at which point she said, ‘I’m not the slightest bit interested,’ and it killed me.”

And he wasn’t finished at namechecking one former object of his affection: “This girl, Julie Morrison…, was the one you’d end up round the back of the bike sheds with… I’ll never forget her walking up the stairs… and I said something to her and then I gave her a long, lingering look… and she looked at me and gave me these come-to-bed eyes.”

He also listed Caroline McLaughlin and Tracy Turner among the girls who once broke his heart.