Buzzwatch — How Animals See The World

Humans take for granted their sense of vision so it’s always interesting to see how animals see the world from their viewpoint. We all know to avoid wearing red when in Pamplona, Spain and that you should freeze when confronted by a giant T-Rex to avoid detection, but how does the rest of the animal kingdom work?

How animals see the world, buzzfeed videozaimoku_woodpile/Flickr

Using some tricky camera work and color filters, this video from Buzzfeed illustrates how different creatures detect light, heat and movement. First of all, flies totally have beer goggles. Also, now we know why mice are so tricky to catch and why sharks sometimes have the tendency to eat people. It’s not their fault!

So instead of sitting through countless hours of nature documentaries, you can simply watch this video to get the gist on animal vision. It also debunks some persistent myths, like dogs only see in black and white and cats can see right through your bulls**t. Maybe that last part is false.