Celeb Speak: Sarah Jessica Parker Wants A ‘SATC 3’

sarah jessica parkerSarah Jessica Parker is currently filming a movie with Pierce Brosnan called, I Don’t Know How She Does It, but she’s talking to people from 24 Frames about her desire to film a Sex and the City 3! Now, the issue is not that we’re going to have to form a circle and repeatedly poke each other again in order to get amped for a third movie…but rather, THERE IS NO ISSUE AT ALL! It is just proof of how good of an actress SJP is because ONLY THE BEST ACTRESSES ARE CAPABLE OF TALKING ABOUT A FUTURE MOVIE WHILE THEY’RE CURRENTLY IMMERSED IN THEIR CHARACTER FROM A MOVIE THEY’RE MAKING RIGHT NOW! I mean seriously!!!!! When you’re making pancakes one morning, are you able to talk about what breakfast you’ll be making for yourself two years from now — while taking into account how your appetite has changed and/or the possibility the fact that you might discover you’re allergic to gluten and/or the possibility that you might be pregnant aren’t that hungry in the mornings? ABSOLUTELY NOT, that kind of foresight is only reserved for the best, one of which is obviously SJP because she wants to give us something we don’t even want yet. I just do NOT know how she does it! HAHAHH! My God, movies!

Of the third SATC, SJP said, “I would go back. I think there’s one more story to tell. I know there is…I’d definitely tell that [third] story, and I know Michael would do it right. But maybe not now. Maybe in five years, you know?”

The good news (under all the bad news, of course) is that if this were to happen, SJP doesn’t think the third movie should “go back,” so to speak, because the television series (and even parts of the FIRST TWO movies!!!) explained the characters’ back stories and then if the third movie was completely rooted in what all the girls were like in their youth, it would be like “two histories” had been created and the Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda of the series would be demolished. SJP also said it would only be a prequel if it featured twentysomething actresses. Which sounds really bad, obviously. But if it’s not a prequel, then “experts” are saying it would make sense if a large part of SATC 3 focused on Carrie’s childless relationship with Mr. Big.

Shaq, you’re on my team. But let’s hit the showers though and relax our muscles first. This is going to be rough.