Charlize Theron’s Sex Tape Leaks — VIDEO

Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, and Christina Hendricks have all been hacked in the last year, but their racy photos seem totally tame compared to the depraved scene Charlize Theron recorded on her phone. Get your kids far away from the computer and turn down the volume, because the Young Adult star’s bedroom habits are beyond X-rated.

In case the Funny or Die logo (and her fetish for scalding-hot milk) didn’t tip you off, go check out the date. Yes, Theron’s sex tape is actually just an April Fool’s joke, as explained in the clip below. It’s unfortunate that this is a parody too, because “Charlize Angels,” “Charleague of Their Own,” and “Game of Therons” all sound like amazing sketches.

[Funny or Die]