Chris Colfer Gets a Book Deal

chris colferQuite frankly, Chris Colfer‘s job as playing Kurt on Glee is the probably the obligation that takes up the least of his time. He’s shown us that he’s simply not content being just another actor, and that he’s much more interested in expressing his creativity through writing, and he’s working really hard to fill up his schedule with as many other projects as it will allow. For instance, he previously wrote a feature-length screenplay called Struck By Lightning, which is a coming-of-age indie story and written in the style of a John Hughes movie (he is expected to shoot it when he’s on break from Glee, which happens to be now). Colfer also just sold a pilot to the Disney Channel called The Little Leftover Witch, and it’s based on a Florence Laughlin children’s book where a witch is adopted by a family after her broom breaks and she tumbles out of the sky. Those two endeavors bring us to the newest one, which is that Colfer has signed a two-book deal with Little, Brown Books. The first one will be called The Land of Stories, and it will be a chronicle of the adventures that a set of twins experience in a modern atmosphere. The second book is untitled, but judging from Colfer’s determination and foresight, I think it’s a safe bet that he already knows what it it’ll be and is just keeping it to himself.

Sources: AOL TV, THR, Firstshowing