Chris Pine Lawsuit Reveals ‘Star Trek,’ ‘This Means War’ Earnings

16465374.jpgActor Chris Pine is the target of a lawsuit filed today by his former agency, the boutique firm SDB, alleging the 31-year-old actor violated his contract when he left the agency last year, The Wrap reports. SDB is aiming hard for Pine’s wallet, claiming that it is owed “commissions on millions of dollars that Pine has already earned” and “also the millions of dollars that Pine will continue to earn as a result of SDB’s prior hard work and dedication to Pine’s career.” The lawsuit goes on to enumerate Pine’s paydays from several high-profile projects, including 2009’s Star Trek ($1.5 million), 2010’s Unstoppable ($3 million), and This Means War ($5 million!), which opens this week, along with the percentages it’s hoping to exact from them.

But it’s not just about the money. The agency still stings from the fact that Pine apparently severed the relationship over email, and “did not even have the courtesy of picking up the telephone to tell SDB that he was ending their relationship of nine years.” Given the tenor of the lawsuit’s language, one can only assume SDB’s initials stand for “So Damn Bitter.”

Source: The Wrap

Check out the trailer for Pine’s latest film, This Means War, below: