The Constant Failures of Trip McNeely, Er, Jerry O’Connell

Jerry O'Connell, Can't Hardly WaitColumbia

Poor Jerry O’Connell. Yet another show of his got scrapped. This time it was the underwhelming We Are Men,  canceled after just two episodes. This is nothing new for O’Connell. His star doesn’t shine as bright anymore.

Gone are the days of shuffling to different worlds in Sliders. He can’t fly away using spray paint cans (who thought that was a viable method of transportation?) in My Secret Identity. It’s not all bad for O’Connell. After all, he is married to Rebecca Romijn.

The former child star needs to recognize his role. He’s a supplementary actor who’s fully capable of succeeding as long as he’s not the star. He can’t be the leader of an ensemble cast either.

O’Connell’s IMDB resume has many credits but few recent hits. There is one role that only he is qualified to play and it could be hilarious: Trip McNeely.

Yes, the beer-chugging wash-up from Can’t Hardly Wait  should have his own movie. Or TV show. Or web series.

The potential is great for a Trip-centered story. He was the jock who had it all in high school, but began to falter in college. Warts on his feet and poor choices in women were just the beginning of his problems.

What hilarious misadventures could be in store for Trip? O’Connell’s brief cameo piqued enough interest for him to be a memorable character. Heck, there’s an urban dictionary entry about him!

For added comic effect, cast Peter Facinelli as Mike Dexter, Can’t Hardly Wait’s high school top dog. Mike seemed destined to follow Trip’s life path.

Success in Hollywood is never guaranteed. But a Trip McNeely movie or TV show is O’Connell’s best bet at making it as a leading man now.

Don’t forget the six pack, Trip.