Cyber Monday 2012: What’s Clicking With Online Shoppers This Year? 

Cyber Monday 2012: What’s Clicking With Online Shoppers This Year? 


It’s Cyber Monday (sorry, time traveler from 1997, that doesn’t mean what you think it means), the online equivalent of Black Friday, but without all the fun of abandoning your friends and family after a lovely Thanksgiving dinner to wait outside in the cold and wrestle a total stranger to the ground for an electronic. So, really, it’s actually just the fun, sane version of Black Friday. 

Millions of Americans (an estimated 129.2 million, to be exact, up from 2011’s 112.8 million online shoppers) are expected to take a break from obsessively Facebooking to obsessively hunt for bargains, with analysts predicting this will, unsurprisingly, be the biggest online shopping day of 2012. According to a report from comScore via ABC News, “Shoppers are expected to spend more than $1.5 billion today, up 20 percent from last year.” 
While Cyber Monday deals technically started as early as Wednesday, that doesn’t mean people aren’t pretending to be doing work at their computer as they shop for some of this year’s hottest gifts. As of 1 PM ET on Monday, some major sites experienced crashes or slow loads, including, due to the high traffic. So what are the major big ticket items that have people relentlessly clicking? 
Aside from everything our merciful overlord Oprah told adults to like, a new generation of kids are clamoring for Furbys, while the Wii U, Leapfrog tablets, and LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle (I don’t know what all those words together mean either) are also making online shoppers hit the reload button frequently for Toys ‘R Us shoppers. Over on, the mammoth online retailer is offering deals for the entire week on everything from coveted electronics to Blu-rays. (The Cabin in the Woods is only $10, people!) Of course, according to a survey by, you can look just about anywhere for bargains from Sears to Wal-Mart, as a record-breaking 85 percent of online retailers will offer special promotions on Cyber Monday. 
But, hey if Cyber Monday isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you can still soak in all the online mockery that accompanies it. Check out these hilarious tweets from today:

I still haven’t picked out my outfit for Cyber Monday.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) November 26, 2012

The onlines are around the block today #CyberMonday

— Lizz Winstead (@lizzwinstead) November 26, 2012

Sorry if im late today. This cyber monday traffic is horrible

— David Spade (@DavidSpade) November 26, 2012

Save on your @snookislippers this #cybermonday plus FREE shipping in the US. Visit

— NiC0LE P0LiZZi (@snooki) November 26, 2012 Okay, that last one may not be a joke. Happy hunting, online shoppers! 

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