Daily Shuffle: Kim Kardashian Wants To Become An Actress

kim kardashianKim Kardashian is about to break into acting. ABOUT TO. Like, possibly tomorrow. She says people have made her some offers, and now she’s just trying to figure out which role would be the best one for her to take. Her ideal part would be that of a Bond Girl, (which would be “the ultimate,”). Now might be a good time to stop saying she has so many issues with her weight. At least temporarily. After all, you don’t hear girl scouts successfully selling their cookies by saying they’re not as good as Oreos. – E!

Kid on the Block, Jonathan Knight, has announced he’s gay after Tiffany said he was gay in a television interview. He claims he wasn’t outed, though, and just was so busy that he forgot to pose for the cover or a magazine in honor of his homosexuality. Honest mistake. – US

Jack Nicholson is deeply saddened by how he’s no longer irresistible to women. – Showbiz Spy

In the six months before Charlie Sheen was arrested, he spent $500,000 on escorts and drugs. Hope this helps ease the pain of looking at your order history on Delivery.com. – Radar Online