Daily Shuffle: Pink Confirms Pregnancy, Thinks It’s A Girl

pink, carey heartOn an episode of Ellen DeGeneres‘ show that will air today, Pink will confirm her pregnancy and say that her doctor thinks it’s a girl. Pink is terrified one of them will go to jail. She also said she worked for “it,” and that “it” was not an “oops.” – US

Eva Longoria‘s representative says the claims she is divorcing Tony Parker are “100% false.” Additionally, a court spokeswoman said no divorce papers have been filed. But, Longoria was supposed to appear at the taping of Anderson Cooper’s CNN Heroes of 2010 television special and she canceled, so there are definitely some soggy pancakes somewhere.- E!

Brandy and Maksim were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night, and Brandy is “numb.” Probably because little miss Palin is still there! – US

2010’s sexiest man alive is Ryan Reynolds. He says his body wants to look like Dick Van Dyke. I urge him to continue fighting the good fight. – People

During the premiere of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the Willow and Bristol attempted to defend their mother on Facebook against haters by using homophobic slurs. I’m pretty sure that same tactic was used in the Battle of Gettysburg! – TMZ

TMZ is already talking about the logistics of a Prince William and Kate Middleton divorce. William cannot protect the entire royal kingdom with a prenup, because they’re not unflinching in the U.K. As a result, if Kate ever divorces William, she could own have the kingdom. Is anyone else getting a Lion King flashback?- TMZ

Alec Baldwin is a teensy bit upset with Nora Ephron, who founded the “Divorce” section on the Huffington Post. To Ephron (who he curiously called “Dora,” he said “Mum’s the Word for a Smarter Divorce,” and that he finds it terrible she simply “cannot shut up about her anger, her betrayal…and her bottomless contempt for her ex.” He continued: “Thirty years have passed and this woman….seems incapable of one of the most essential components of a ‘successful’ divorce, and that is forgetting…” – NYP