Daily Shuffle: Posh and Becks Are Expecting

David and Victoria Beckham• Soon there’ll be yet another tiny Beckham running around the giant English estate, waiting for his or her turn to win a style award. The fashionista herself, Victoria Beckham, will give birth to another really, really ridiculously good-looking kid next summer giving her and husband David Beckham a total of four children. Is it still cool to call someone a soccer mom if they’re a footballer’s wife? – People

Justin Bieber fans everywhere are whimpering now that Ryan Murphy has confirmed that there is no Bieber tribute Glee episode in the works. Wait, you mean someone has to write actual lyrics before you can get a tribute episode? And you have to be awesome and have more than a single album to be considered a legend? Come on Biebs, wasn’t Sam’s copycat hairstyle enough of a tribute for you? –MTV

• Apparently Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx have split. Aww, that’s too bad. My level of excitement about their budding relationship was just about to go from “annoyed eyeroll” to “total apathy.” –Us