Danny McBride Is Going to Be a Daddy

Danny McBrideYour Highness star Danny McBride is expecting a bundle of joy. His wife of few months, Gia Ruiz is pregnant and according to McBride he was ready to get the baby-making going right away. “I got married last October. I wasted zero time – three months later I knocked my wife up,” he told Conan O’Brien on his late night show.

But of course, since it’s Danny McBride we’re talking about, we can’t just hear about his future joy, we have to take that with a dose of dick jokes. He elaborated on the details of his happy news, saying, “We’ve been told it’s either a three-legged girl or a very well-hung boy. We either have a marathon runner or a porn star.” Well, I guess that makes sense for the spawn of Kenny Powers.

Source: Us