Dave Navarro’s Other Woman Wants Set Meeting with Carmen Electra

The actress who had a Las Vegas fling with Dave Navarro while he was married to Carmen Electra is hoping she still gets the chance to meet the actress on the set of her new movie.

Sexy Jenae Alt claims she stunned the rocker in his suite at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino when she revealed she was set to appear in his then-wife’s next movie Beyond Legend: Johnny Kakota.

It was her respect for Electra that stopped her from bedding Navarro–and now she wants to meet the actress face to face to explain herself after selling her kiss-and-tell revelations to the tabloids.

Alt says, “Would I have slept with him if he wasn’t married? Yes. But the only reason I stopped myself from sleeping with him was I didn’t want to be the woman who slept with Carmen‘s husband.

“I really respect Carmen, I love Carmen and I just said, ‘You know what, if any man is gonna cheat on Carmen Electra, why would I even want to be with that man, because I would always be looking over my shoulder.’

“If I get the chance to work with Carmen, I’ll tell her, ‘The only reason I didn’t (sleep with Navarro) is because I respect you. I still thought about you and said I can’t do it.'”

The all-star film about a Native American legend also features Gena Lee Nolin, Brooke Burns and David Carradine.

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