Dick Van Dyke Gets Lifetime Achievement Recognition from SAG

ALTDid you know that Dick Van Dyke is almost an EGOT? Wait, you don’t know who Dick Van Dyke is? No, his name is not a joke. He’s an actor! He was in lots of famous things like, oh the Dick Van Dyke show and Mary Poppins and a million other things. God, don’t you know anything?

Well, he has a bunch of Emmys and a Tony and a Grammy. All that he’s missing is an Oscar. Well, SAG (the Screen Actor’s Guild, since you are an idiot) is giving him a lifetime achievement award. Isn’t that great! Yeah, it’s not really an Oscar, so he’s still not an EGOT, but it’s something. He’s an EGST. Who else is one of those? (PS: Don’t worry, Dick, you can still make a movie and get that golden man. You just need a supporting role where you play gay. It worked for Christopher Plummer!)

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[Photo credit: Wenn.com]


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