Did Elisha Cuthbert Really Glare at Another Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Wife?

Credit: Twitter

There wasn’t much of a happy ending for Happy Endings star Elisha Cuthbert on Wednesday night as she cheered on her boyfriend, Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf, in the NHL playoffs. The Maple Leafs lost to the Boston Bruins, and Cuthbert was captured on video giving Maple Leafs goal-tender James Reimer’s wife April the stink eye. The “Elisha Cuthbert b***h-face” rumors ran rampant almost immediately, but was our sweet, TV star darling really throwing shade at another hockey wife?

As it turns out, the answer is a fairly resolute “no.” The women exchanged frustrated glances after the Maple Leafs’ defeat was official, suggesting that rather than the duo sparring off with their best death stares over some offhand comment, they were expressing their dismay at their significant others’ playoff loss. 

This video shows a longer look at the two women, helping to support the suggestion that it was all a moment of commiseration. Of course, there’s no recorded audio from their box seats, so it’s always possible that one little lady blamed the other’s hunky hockey player for the Maple Leafs’ bad news. But we’re big fans of Cuthbert around here and she wrote on Twitter that it was just a misunderstanding: 

We’re inclined to believe the chipper actress, but check out the video for yourself.

What do you think is happening in this video?

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